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Fashion for the Faithful:
Wearing, Sharing and Living the Christian Faith.

T-Shirts and Apparel

“I kept getting great ideas for t-shirt slogans. I have always loved art and design. But I worked and trained in the customer service industry and was comfortable with and very good at what I did. Over the years, I decided that I would start an online store when an opportunity presented itself. A few life changes later, I had the blessing of returning to college. I got my degrees in Web Design and Web Development. Challenging times drew me closer to God and gave me a deeper understanding of my Christian faith. Out of these experiences, ShellMiddy was born"- ShellMiddy, Creator

ShellMiddy's Name

  • Our name, ShellMiddy, is a blend of 'Shell,' an old English word meaning 'top' or 'upper part,' and 'Middy,' a nautical term for a sailor's shirt.
  • Psalm 107:23-30 describes us as sailors on the sea of life. God is in control and can still any storm. ShellMiddy is passionate about sharing the good news of faith and salvation found in Jesus Christ.
  • ShellMiddy is committed to designing top-tier Christian apparel, blending traditional religion with modern style.
  • All the materials and fabrics come highly rated. At ShellMiddy, we create biblically inspired designs that allow wearers to spread positivity and showcase their faith.
  • From seasonal t-shirts to everyday hoodies, our mission is to provide Christians globally with clothing that speaks to their faith.

Providing Christian Clothing Products for All

ShellMiddy is a premier online small business apparel boutique store. Out of the West Coast of Florida, ShellMiddy creates various biblically inspired designs. Art and scripture help you to spread positivity and shine your light for Christ everywhere. From seasonal t-shirt designs to everyday hoodies, our aim is to provide Christians around with unique clothing items featuring Scriptural messages.

ShellMiddy Core Values

We believe that the Bible is the awesome, beautiful, and living Word of GOD, the Father. Jesus, HIS Son, gave his life and died for all to be free. The blessings in this book make it the most published book of all time. We are blessed and thankful to live in the land of the USA, a Christian country that allows all faiths to worship and share their faiths. We believe in a universal creation truth that is self-evident.

 Sustainability & Eco-Consciousness

We are partnered with Planet to offer carbon-neutral shipping. All of our products are made on demand. No wasteful warehouse filled with unsold goods.

We offer some of our fashion in organic or sustainable fabrics.

We advocate how to recycle and up-cycle and extend your current shirt life instead of adding it directly to the landfill.

All returns are donated to charity.

All deliveries are carbon neutral Powered by Shopify Planet

Green Pastures, ShellMiddy partners with Shopify Planet

What our customers say:


"Just received my order from ShellMiddy; I love the design and, more importantly, the message behind it! It arrived very quickly! Thank you!”

 - F.B. in Florida

We look forward to hearing from you. Please share, review us and give testimonials of our website and products.


The Apparel Boutique Everyone Loves

We offer positive and motivational graphic tees with scoop or v-neck designs. Sizes run from XS, S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X, to 4X. The materials vary from eco-friendly organic cotton to other stylish blends. Our designs are perfect for local and professional occasions and make great gifts for friends and family. Be sure to check out our Christmas collection of family fashion! Shop for Inspirational Clothing Items.

Shop for Inspirational Clothing Items

Social issues we care about:

Fight Poverty and Homelessness - help and/or donate
Recycle - Save our resources and planet
Share the Gospel - Save lives and families

Personal Charities:

Pacific Garden Missions - https://www.pgm.org/

Supporting and feeding the homeless.

Thru the Bible  - https://ttb.org/

Bible teaching chapter by chapter.

Joni and Friends - https://www.joniandfriends.org/

Supporting the disabled and those in need of wheelchairs.

United MegaCare - https://unitedmegacare.org/

Christians supporting the community near and far.

BBN Radio - https://bbn1.bbnradio.org/

Listen to old fashion Christian radio.

Where you can find local help:



BIBLE-OPEN-TO-CORINTHIANS-LOVE-AND-TRUTH Shellmiddy Christian tshirts and apparel

John 3:16

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."

Contact Us

Open online 24/7 for your order and convenience, we offer Christian-inspired apparel gifts suitable for anyone and any occasion. If you wish to learn more about us, you can reach out via email or give us a call. Our friendly representatives will be more than glad to answer all questions.